Canon PowerShot G11 — Did You Get What You Wished For?

Canon today announced a series of compact cameras including the Canon PowerShot G11 as well as the SX20 IS.

I am always excited when Canon announces its new camera. Not so much today, however; not even when I have one of my wishlists for the G11 fulfilled — that is to see the return of the tilt-and-swivel LCD in the G series. Many people disagree between Canon and Nikon for who makes the best camera for photography. However I think it really depends on what type of photography you are doing, and how you plan to use the camera.

Tilt-and-swivel screen making a comeback in G11

My lack of enthusiasms however, has nothing to do with Canon and the cameras it announced today. Actually, I am excited about something else… sitting next to me as I type this is the brand new Pentax K-7, which I bought just two hours ago.

Canon PowerShot G11

Continuing the G legacy

Anyway, let’s push aside the K-7 story for a while. Let’s talk about the G11. Did you get what you have wished for in the new G? You can read a more thorough review here.

This has been my wishlist for the new G: Tilt-and-swivel LCD screen, HD movie, retain RAW capture feature, longer zoom (possibly by 8x optical zoom), wider (26mm), minimum 3fps continuous shot, retain hotshoe feature, bulb, 30 per cent improvement in high ISO performance, shutter speed of 60 – 1/4000.

Hmmm… let see: tilt-and-swivel, check; HD movie, check; RAW, check; longer zoom, nope, only 5x optical; wider, nope, it remains at 28mm; faster fps, nope; hotshoe, check; bulb, not a chance; high ISO, yes but with reduced resolution; faster shutter speed, dream on…

Another camera announced by Canon today is the SX20 IS, which is an upgrade of the SX10 IS. It essentially is the SX10 IS with 2.1 extra megapixels and HD video. I wonder why Canon delays the SX1 IS upgrade. Ultimately however, the question is can this camera be used to take amazing landscape and outdoor photography? My answer would have to be yes, but there are better options out there.

Where is SX1 IS’ upgrade?

Is Canon thinking of some other plans for the “SX2 IS”? Would it be more than just adding megapixels and improve on the frame rate of the SX1 IS HD video? Can Canon go beyond 20x optical zoom? Can Canon improve on the SX1 IS image quality which has been the subject of dissatisfaction among its owners? Will Canon improve on the RAW capture features it added as an afterthought on the SX1 IS? Here is a great resource for deciding what your next camera purchase should be.

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